Bubble Boys | Paris Fashion Week by Frederic Monceau - GQ South Africa / by Frederic Monceau

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As Europe gets ready for Paris Fashion Week, GQ South Africa’s contributing photographer, Frederic Monceau hits the backstage on casting day to get a preview of all the new faces who have travelled from around the world, representing agencies from over one hundred cities, all for the slight chance of being chosen to walk the most prestigious runways on Earth.

Frederic has shot fashion stories  and gallery pieces for us, but this time focuses on a portraiture series with M Management, Paris using bubble gum as a symbolic point of reference – bubbles being fleeting moments of hot air that either take shape or burst, but ultimately capture the spirit of youth in a lot of beautiful but unnerving ways.

How? Gum is sugary sweet for a while, is fairly flexible up until a point, also embodies an element of teen rebellion from a pop-cultural perspective, but then more disturbingly points to the near-predatory obsession with youth that underpins portions of the fashion industry. Bubble Gum Boys is a story full of hope, derision, sex and sadness.