Photovogue - Frederic Monceau portfolio / by Frederic Monceau

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"Frederic Monceau (05-09-91) is a photographer from Paris. Native of the South of France, he decides to move to Paris after his studies in political sciences in 2013. Since his childhood, Frederic feels like he needs to express himself through drawings, then through writing ( first novel published by Edilivre ), to finally come to photography. In a very short time, he worked with several parisian model agencies, then with some international ones. Thereafter, he collaborates with different fashion magazines (Vogue Ukraine, GQ, Chasseur Magazine…) and with some Haute Couture brands (Jean-Paul Gauthier, Zuhair Murad, …). Combining fashion and art, he makes lights of the codes and boundaries, thus creating his own identity. As it were, in November 2014, the exhibition “Dancing smoking” is introduced in the Komplex Gallery Renoma (Paris 16th). Frederic exhibits his own photographs large-framed. It is a project about the movements, in collaboration, among others, with the choreographer Redha Benteifour, under the artistic management of Stefanie Renoma. In May 2015, he will exhibit with some photographers in that same gallery. An original project “Chelsea Hotel”, ruled by Stefanie Renoma, inspiring herself of the 70s movement and of the New Yorker factory of Warhol. During the summer of 2015, his work on Dancing smoking will be at the core of a new photographic exhibition within the Nikki Diana Marquardt Gallery, for the launch of the Pop Up Yoga Summer. At the end of 2015, his eye is being spotted in another field, the press. He integrates the SIPA agency, where journalists and photographers provide the people magazines particularly. He is sent to Paris or abroad, like in Tel-Aviv where he creates a report about Jeane Manson and her two daughters. With this agency, he lands the cover of Gala, in January 2016 with Charlotte Valandrey, or a report for Paris Match with the son of Nelson Mandela." -