New post on METAL Magazine about Casey Spooner - Photo Frederic Monceau / by Frederic Monceau





Some weeks ago, we presented you an interview with Casey Spooner, a half of Fischerspooner’s duo. The singer and activist was telling us about his new album, Sir, and also about an upcoming exhibition. Well, the time has arrived. Inaugurating on the 7th of April at NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, the exhibition Sir: Character Studies, Promotional Materials, Self Actualization and Contemporary Photography 2013 – 2018 will showcase Casey’s recent search for a new identity – that’s turned out to be queerer and more powerful than ever.

Until the 27th of May, discover this unique site-specific installation featuring portraits of Casey taken by a wide range of artists – from renowned photographers to Internet amateurs, to friends of the artistic duo. The prolongation of the album, which now takes another dimension, will explore themes like the creation of one’s identity in the digital era, what do concepts like ‘fame’ and ‘celebrity’ mean today, and what effects can self-idolization have in society. Are we sillier, easier-to-manipulate consumers because we think of ourselves as untouchable or more intelligent than the system itself? Are we actually smarter than capitalism? Only time will tell.

But this is not the first time that Fischerspooner turns Sir into an exhibition. The first one was held at Mumok in Vienna before the album was released, and it also included film and sound. The installation presented at NAK is fresh, though, since it features new artworks and has a different approach. This one is more focused on Casey’s quest for a new character and identity, exploring the boundaries of physicality, sexuality, entertainment, art and music.